The Best Backsplash For Laminate Countertops

2022-08-19 23:12:51 By : Ms. Fiona WLKATA

Picking the perfect backsplash can be the finishing touch to your new kitchen if you get it right. As Mr. Stone says, a backsplash is the area of wall from the bottom of your cabinets to your countertop. It is integral to good functionality and aesthetics. It protects your walls from liquid stains and other types of damage that come from the messy work in the kitchen. It's also a great way to add an aesthetic touch and tie together the interior decor in your kitchen.

While there are various options you can go with for your backsplash — from stone to tile to wood — your final choice will come down to personal preference and how compatible it is with the other materials in your kitchen, such as your countertops. For this article, we'll focus on laminate countertops and which types of backsplash work well with them. Keep reading to find out!

According to Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc, there are four key points to remember when picking a backsplash for your kitchen. The first and most obvious is, of course, your budget. However, they say that it's important that you don't skimp on your tile grout because it's what holds your tiles in place and guarantees durability. The square footage of your kitchen is also important when making a decision, and this will largely determine your budget. You could go with a more expensive backsplash material for the larger areas in your kitchen that get noticed a lot and use something more budget friendly for areas that aren't used or seen as much.

Kitchen Infinity also says it's necessary to think about certain practical aspects. For example, are you on the messier side when cooking? What kinds of ingredients and foods do you expect to have in your kitchen?

Last but certainly not least, your countertops are also a deciding factor. They are placed right alongside each other in your kitchen, so it's essential that they make a good match.

Laminate kitchen counters have recently become very popular among homeowners. According to Forbes, they offer you a wide range of color and print options, are affordable and don't retain stains. They're also free of maintenance, and you can even install them yourself. These reasons make it a great option for your kitchen countertops.

So which backsplash is the perfect partner for a laminate countertop? VT Industries says there are quite a few options, so you can take your pick. One option is a full-height backsplash. If your kitchen doesn't have a lot of upper cabinetry or has open shelving, this might be an interesting choice to consider. It's also great for smaller kitchens as it can make your space feel larger. Also consider a laminate backsplash in fun prints such as marble, which will give your kitchen a modern feel. Textured tiles are also an option. Consider neutral hues or earthy textures if you're a nature lover and want to bring some of the outdoors in.