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2022-05-14 08:58:13 By : Mr. Bill Jiang

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CLEVELAND — Fresh on the market in Cleveland! Good luck NOT falling in love with this meticulously-maintained Colonial charmer! She’s a 3-bed, 3-bath stunner with beautiful vintage flooring, formal, oak trimmed dining room and this HORRIFYING ALLOSAURUS FROM THE TRIASSIC PERIOD!!! 

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Also, featuring solid wood kitchen cabinets, GRANITE countertops with MARBLE backsplash and AN ANCIENT MASTODON STANDING ETERNAL SENTRY OUTSIDE YOUR HOME TO KEEP YOU SAFE!!!

And also a giraffe, cause hey, why not?

Harry Larweh is self-taught sculptor and artist and the current owner of a uniquely-decored real estate listing in the West Boulevard neighborhood that features a prominent Dinosaur/Mastodon/Giraffe statuary combo in the front year and several other fascinating creations throughout.

Harry’s a native of Ghana, and after 12 years here he’s decided he’s all Clevelanded out and plans to return home.

But first he has to tie up some loose ends. Like selling his house.  And YES, the rather conspicuous front yard menagerie does come with the deal.

But Harry also has many other extraordinary pieces of art on display throughout the estate that he’s hoping to sell before departing. 

The housing market remains hot with far more demand than supply, but do those market trends also hold true with dinosaur houses? Apparently so? It’s only been a few days since the house was listing and according to Larweh, interest has been high and foot traffic has been brisk.

Harry won’t have any trouble selling this house regardless of the dinosaur factor, and hopefully, he’ll find buyers for his art as well as his work is very impressive.

He’s the kind of talent that you hate to see leave town, but it is nice knowing that long after the sale has closed and the artist has taken his leave his work, and the new Cleveland residents that he created will still remain.

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